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15. March 2010 09:15
It has been almost one year since I started to draft a business plan for my marketing consulting company. I remember having business cards made with my name and company logo on them, and how excited I was to hand them out to family, friends and colleagues. I was a passionate new business owner and proud of it. The passion I had in the beginning was motivational. At first I talked to everyone I knew about what I did. I had even done dazzling things like design and launch my own website. But as I look around, it seems like things are out of sync. Listen for the rhythm of your song, the natural development process, which all successful business people use intuitively when starting and running a business. I have been busy but now I’m singing the blues. Does this sound familiar? Business leaders often find their own lack of process is a significant contributing factor. Consistent execution of operations and strategic initiatives can form an underlying rhythm for high achievement.\\ Organizations can achieve a business rhythm by introducing and adopting simple processes, starting with business owners and moving on through the ranks. Now what? You must look back at your business plan and review the purpose - why are you in this business? You must have this clearly defined so that you can communicate it to others when the passion is running high; and yet follow it diligently when the passion seems drained. When you look up and say 'Why?' you need only to review your purpose - your reason for being in business and you can keep serving others. The rhythm of business comes from your plan and you will achieve great things when you execute each day with repeatable precision. I'm talking about developing procedures for how you attract customers; how you get them to say “WOW” once they've done business with you; how you keep them so loyal they tell all their friends about you. To keep you on track, put together a “mission critical” list of daily activities that will help with your rhythm and make you more money. • Contact # new prospects, ask for their business • Contact # customers, gauge their level of satisfaction, ask for referrals • Contact # customers who haven’t done business with you recently, why? • Contact # business partner/suppliers, listen and learn about your industry • Use social media to talk about your business (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) The transformation you will go through if you create a list like this is astonishing. Your business will prosper each day and you will pull yourself out of the “blues” more often then you might realize just by going through the motions. Remember, when the passion of your business seems to be missing, look to your purpose, and put the